Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Boston - South Station Financial District

5 rating

The stylist I had was friendly and the service was great.

1 rating

I rushed from my hotel to arrive at the shop 10 mins before closing time. All I wanted was a trim. The doors were locked and I was told, through the locked door, that the haircutter inside was not taking anymore customers. (Apparently, "she was tired and wanted to go home.") I was really surprised since the shop I usually go to near my home in Southern California is typically so friendly and accommodating. I guess this woman felt she needed to assert her tough South Boston exterior. This mirrors the experience I've been having in this town since I arrived here two days ago: rude, crude, unfriendly, unhelpful people who think they're better than anyone else. I will not visit this shop or this city ever again.

Rated 3.0 out of 5.0 based on 2 Client reviews